Thursday, September 8, 2016

Getting used to having a sibling

Brin was a champ when Nora was born. I knew I didn't have to worry too much about her. Especially knowing she was with Todd and Debbie Pearson (McKay's cousin's about 20 minutes away in Hillsboro) There have been a few times since Nora was born that Brin told me to stop feeding her. But I was prepared for a lot worse.

Bath time!

Nora has a little Jaundice when she was born. We almost had to get her a bilirubin blanket.

Over all Brin really does love Nora and is ready for her to be big enough to play with her.

Brin would sometimes cover her ears when Nora was crying and say "too loud!" Nora did cry a lot and loved to be held and snuggled. Her cry was also a little high pitched and not so pleasant to listen to.

Trying on clothes that used to be Brins and now being passed on to Nora.

She didn't have much hair but I felt like she had a perfect round head and adorable ears!

Mother's Day May 11 2014. Now a mother of two!

We love to go bike riding as a family. We were excited to get a double stroller that doubled as a bike trailer.

Daddy and Nora napping together.
Or maybe pretend napping...
Silver Falls State Park.

Teaching Nora important stuff like how to be a princess
We love our new addition!

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  1. It's so fun to see all of these old pictures of your kids.
    You can't beat the scenery of Portland!