Sunday, November 10, 2013


I have a lot I feel I need to update on. I will do so when I can find my SD card with all the pics on it. Until then here are a few pictures of what we have been up to from another SD card.

I take a picture every first day of the semester of both McKay and Brin. This was closer to mid semester, but better late then never!

                Ward Party
Brin LOVED her Halloween costume! By the time Halloween came the dress had a tear in it, the ears were all taped up and I had hid the gloves from her and ended not being able to find them until 2 days after Halloween. Next year she will not get to even see her costume until Halloween day! Probably not but we will try! Every time she wore her costume she would say, "Dinnie Minnie Mouse"! (Dini is how she says her name.) And said Mommy and Daddy were Farmers. She was so cute in her outfit that she won Mommy and Daddy a $50 visa card from a contest in our apartments! WooHoo! Thanks Brin we'll be thinking of you as we go out on a date!

We love getting a package from Grandma and Papa!

Brin's first time having Pop rocks. She got it in her package from G-ma and G-pa. It was fun to see her reaction to it popping in her mouth. She loved them!

 First time Trick-or-Treating! We took her to a couple of houses by our place then met up with some friends. Brin was a pro and loved it! At every house she would say, "thank you, see you later"

Her very first house! Tear!

 She had all her treats in her little white purse. When it was time to go to bed she wanted to sleep with it. We took all the candy out and gave the purse to her and told her not to open it til the morning. When she woke up the next morning she said "Hey where's my treats!" I was impressed she actually waited til the morning to open it!
And Here is Brin's first glimpse into her very changing future! Coming May 16th!