Sunday, August 25, 2013

Brinlee turns two!

This is long over due, but better late then never! Brinlee turned 2 on June 22. We had a fun little party up in Montana with family.
I need to find the pictures from the party. When I do I'll blog them. Here are a few pictures from Brinlee's 2nd Birthday "photo shoot".

 She was telling me she could hear the cows say, "moo!"

 So bummed this one's blurry!

 This is how many she is

Just a few things about Brin lately:

-She has really picked up on her talking the last couple of months! She used to only say, "I want..." Now she can say a few more different sentences like, "Mom, dad sit down!" and "Mom, dad no talking!"(She doesn't like when dad and mom interact and have a conversation that doesn't include her)  and more.

-She can count to 10 with help and one time I heard her sing A-G. But only once.

-I just asked her what her favorite color is and she said "purple" then I asked her again and she said "blue"

-Favorite foods include: grapes, peaches, sometimes likes blueberries, hot dogs, pizza, whole wheat waffles, carrots, broccoli, squash, fruit snacks (when we let her have some) and lately she has been loving lunch meat. Cheese, yogurt and definitely not last is ice cream! She is a well rounded girl!

-About a week ago she learned how to open the fridge. Not good!

-She loves her baby dolls

-Loves reading! The nursery leaders told me that during play time she will mostly bring books to them and read

-She gets soo excited when she sees her friends. Like jump up and down and scream. They get excited too but then it gets to the point that they just watch her jump around. I think it's because most of her friends have siblings and for Brin it's exciting to see kids her own age.

- She loves to sing! We mostly listen to Country and sometimes I'll hear her repenting words during songs. For example she likes to sing the song, Downtown by lady antebellum with me.

-She helps out with prayers. And sometimes if McKay starts to pray she will she no "Brinlee pray!" Then usually I get to pray so that she can repeat me.

-She tends to call me Ashy and daddy Kay. We are working on it, but it usually just makes us laugh so that probably doesn't help...

-Sometimes I'll ask Brin (when Daddy is at school)
Me: "Where's daddy?"
Brin: "School"
Me: "How does he get there?"
Brin: Bike
Me: "What does he do at school?"
Brin: (usually either) "Ba-ball" or "golf".
I try and correct her and tell her that daddy works on teeth. But I don't think she believes me.

Our names for her: Brinlee, Brin, Bri, Brinners.

-"and she's cute!" -Daddy

Some funny pictures

We sure love our Brinners!