Sunday, November 10, 2013


I have a lot I feel I need to update on. I will do so when I can find my SD card with all the pics on it. Until then here are a few pictures of what we have been up to from another SD card.

I take a picture every first day of the semester of both McKay and Brin. This was closer to mid semester, but better late then never!

                Ward Party
Brin LOVED her Halloween costume! By the time Halloween came the dress had a tear in it, the ears were all taped up and I had hid the gloves from her and ended not being able to find them until 2 days after Halloween. Next year she will not get to even see her costume until Halloween day! Probably not but we will try! Every time she wore her costume she would say, "Dinnie Minnie Mouse"! (Dini is how she says her name.) And said Mommy and Daddy were Farmers. She was so cute in her outfit that she won Mommy and Daddy a $50 visa card from a contest in our apartments! WooHoo! Thanks Brin we'll be thinking of you as we go out on a date!

We love getting a package from Grandma and Papa!

Brin's first time having Pop rocks. She got it in her package from G-ma and G-pa. It was fun to see her reaction to it popping in her mouth. She loved them!

 First time Trick-or-Treating! We took her to a couple of houses by our place then met up with some friends. Brin was a pro and loved it! At every house she would say, "thank you, see you later"

Her very first house! Tear!

 She had all her treats in her little white purse. When it was time to go to bed she wanted to sleep with it. We took all the candy out and gave the purse to her and told her not to open it til the morning. When she woke up the next morning she said "Hey where's my treats!" I was impressed she actually waited til the morning to open it!
And Here is Brin's first glimpse into her very changing future! Coming May 16th!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Brinlee turns two!

This is long over due, but better late then never! Brinlee turned 2 on June 22. We had a fun little party up in Montana with family.
I need to find the pictures from the party. When I do I'll blog them. Here are a few pictures from Brinlee's 2nd Birthday "photo shoot".

 She was telling me she could hear the cows say, "moo!"

 So bummed this one's blurry!

 This is how many she is

Just a few things about Brin lately:

-She has really picked up on her talking the last couple of months! She used to only say, "I want..." Now she can say a few more different sentences like, "Mom, dad sit down!" and "Mom, dad no talking!"(She doesn't like when dad and mom interact and have a conversation that doesn't include her)  and more.

-She can count to 10 with help and one time I heard her sing A-G. But only once.

-I just asked her what her favorite color is and she said "purple" then I asked her again and she said "blue"

-Favorite foods include: grapes, peaches, sometimes likes blueberries, hot dogs, pizza, whole wheat waffles, carrots, broccoli, squash, fruit snacks (when we let her have some) and lately she has been loving lunch meat. Cheese, yogurt and definitely not last is ice cream! She is a well rounded girl!

-About a week ago she learned how to open the fridge. Not good!

-She loves her baby dolls

-Loves reading! The nursery leaders told me that during play time she will mostly bring books to them and read

-She gets soo excited when she sees her friends. Like jump up and down and scream. They get excited too but then it gets to the point that they just watch her jump around. I think it's because most of her friends have siblings and for Brin it's exciting to see kids her own age.

- She loves to sing! We mostly listen to Country and sometimes I'll hear her repenting words during songs. For example she likes to sing the song, Downtown by lady antebellum with me.

-She helps out with prayers. And sometimes if McKay starts to pray she will she no "Brinlee pray!" Then usually I get to pray so that she can repeat me.

-She tends to call me Ashy and daddy Kay. We are working on it, but it usually just makes us laugh so that probably doesn't help...

-Sometimes I'll ask Brin (when Daddy is at school)
Me: "Where's daddy?"
Brin: "School"
Me: "How does he get there?"
Brin: Bike
Me: "What does he do at school?"
Brin: (usually either) "Ba-ball" or "golf".
I try and correct her and tell her that daddy works on teeth. But I don't think she believes me.

Our names for her: Brinlee, Brin, Bri, Brinners.

-"and she's cute!" -Daddy

Some funny pictures

We sure love our Brinners!

Sunday, June 9, 2013


This is a long post of activities that we have been up to. I planned on doing a post for each one, but we have been too busy having fun with grandma and grandpa, so now they are combined for one post.

a few Sundays ago we went with another family to the park and went for a Sunday walk.
 Kinnely was loving spinning Brin.
 Emma joining in.

  It was really hot! The girls would say "hot hot!" every time they went up and down the slide. But yet they kept doing it so it must not have been that hot. Both of their faces in these pics make me laugh. They both look in pain.

Council Crest has a great view of Mt. Hood and Mt. Saint Helens. But they are really hard to get a good pic of.

 We love the wrights! they have been awesome to live by.

Brinlee LOVES these girls! 

We went to Seattle on Memorial Day for a Mariners game! Can't get any more American than that! 
 Brinlee loves tunnels! There are a few around town that we go through every so often. When we go through one Brinlee will Cry "I want tunnel!" for the rest of the car ride.
 Seattle is only a 3 hour drive. Expect when your daughter eats her string cheese too fast and throws up all over herself and her doll.
 On the Saturday before Memorial Day we decided spur of the moment to go to this game. The weather was supposed to be 72 and sunny. Ya not so much! but it really wasn't too bad and the game was a "family game" so our tickets were pretty cheap

 We had lots of fun! we got to see 3 home runs, all by the Mariners. One batter that broke his bat in half while hitting and a guy that streaked across the field, luckily he was fully clothed! And of course the Mariners won! Go Mariners!

Speaking of baseball, McKay played in a little baseball tournament of his own for OHSU.
Now I know why McKay doesn't feel the need to get a dog.

 It was a lot of fun to watch, but so hot!! Brin loves sunglasses! She calls them "lights!" 

Now that the weather has been so nice we love being outside.
We went on a hike

  Yep she loves Mama's lights!

Rose Garden has a fun playground

She was not very happy when we left.

Brin loves babies right now.
I will often find her getting the changing pad and all the supplies to Change the babies diaper.

 Then using the same wipe to wipe down her changing pad
and babies face
and her face and then mine. I hope I don't do that!

She will be a good big sister one day!!

And this part is for Jess! You were saying that Myla already likes playing with make up and you wonder what she will be like when she's 2. Well here's a little glimpse : )

It starts off as just testing it out.... 

 Then before you know it you turn your back for a sec and look back and both eyes are black! She has probably done this about 3 or 4 times now. She also loves LOVES chapstick/lipstick. It's so bad! We try hard to hide them from her
What are you supposed to say when you find her smiling and feeling so proud of herself? I'm pretty sure I have similar pictures of myself when I was young.
 So proud of yourself! : )

I like to take Pictures of McKay on his first and last day of each semester. I take them with Kay holding Brin. Brin will be 5 when McKay graduates so it will be fun to look back at each picture from each semester and see how much she has grown.
 McKay usually bikes to school. Brin thinks that she should go with him.

 Here's his first day of this semester. Brin's not so happy he's leaving. But she gets even more upset if she wakes up after he leaves!

Pumping some weights with daddy. 

 Love both you!!