Friday, February 22, 2013


   We moved apartments a couple weeks ago due to the fact that everyone that lived around us smoked. Especially our neighbors below us who seemed to be home all day smoking cigs or something else. Something that didn't even cross our mind when we were looking for an apartment.
     All the smoke went straight up to Brinlee's room. The smell knocked you out when you would open Brinner's door, poor thing!
We also moved blogs. The other one doesn't want me to put any more pics on it. It's okay though, I feel like this move is a new chapter in our lives so it requires a new blog to go with it.
The pictures are out of order, but hopefully it makes sense.
                                                            early December 2012 Getting a ride
                                                                frosting christmas cookies 2012
                                                 Brinlee has been loving hats lately. It's pretty darn cute!

                                        Early December 2012. She realized that she could color on other things then just paper. This was her first time and hopefully her last time coloring on the wall
                                         Her beautiful art work! Thank goodness for magic easier! It's hard see, but for the 2 seconds my eyes weren't on her she got a lot done
  And this is her face when I tell her she can't do something. Must have learned that from daddy. My face is always sweet and innocent looking : )
                                                              Her and a hat again.
                                This last month she loves to get my purse and cellphone grab her baby and stroller, put                            on my shoes and say bye! bye! Outside! Car!
                                                     I hope she keeps doing this! We are loving it. Little mommy!
                                                       Brinlee and me with our beautiful Christmas tree. Ya I haven't updated                                                          since McKay's Birthday.
 Brinlee and daddy playing hide and seek around the Christmas tree
 Brin loves her basketball and hoop this last few weeks!
 Walking around our complex
 I think Bri is ready to be potty trained. I'm not. She insists on wiping herself and sometimes wants to be the one to take off the diaper. Recently she will go to the bathroom and lift the toilet lid and start taking her pants and diaper off. I'll put her on the toilet and she always gets the biggest grin on her face. She feels like such a big girl! She does this several times a day now. She hasn't actually gone yet. And again I'm not ready, because I really don't think she is. But maybe in another month or two we will give it a try.
 Since we were gone half the month of December we decided to start Bri in Nursery in January. This her on her first Sunday at Nursery! She did pretty good the first week. But don't let that little cute face fool you, it went down hill from there. She was pretty naughty! But it's getting better. 
 Brin and her good friend Jathom. Brin is only a month older. They are good buddies! We live in the same complex as this family and they are also first year Dental students and are also both from Montana. What a small world!
 This was in October. We are going to take pictures of them every year we are here together. It's weird to think that they will both be about 5 when we are done.
 I told them to hug each other. This is what Jathom thinks is a hug. Watch it Jathom! And way to give him the cheek Brinners!
 Brin's other good friend from the complex. Mckinely is a couple months older then Brin. They are 3rd year Dental students.

McKay is doing really good in school. He is really busy and it seems like he is always working on something. people from his class often ask him how he balances having a family and going to Dental school (even people who have families themselves). He really does do well balancing everything. Most other students are up at the school til really late at night. This semester McKay usually gets home around 5:30 eats dinner with us, Plays with Brin til her bedtime at 730 then studies til 10. He does exceptionally well in the labs. He usually gets done with crown preps and other tasks before other students. He has been passing all his tests and classes! No pink slips here! We are proud of our daddy!