Saturday, February 27, 2016

Nora's Birth

This is how we announced the addition of our 2nd child! We sent a text message to our families with this picture on it! Saying we were adding to our pumpkin patch. 
Nora's ultrasound.

Baby Nora Christine is here! 6 lbs 7 oz. April 27, 2014! Dr. Bair was able to deliver Nora.

Ashley enjoying a popsicle after giving birth. 

Nora's first bath at Providence St. Vincents Hospital in Portland, OR. 

Nora's first diaper!

McKay's first time holding baby Nora! At least this time I didn't hold her with a pillow like I did Brin!

Proud Daddy of 2 girls!

Ashley's first meal after birth, a hamburger with some guacamole to put on it!

Big sister Brinlee (34 months) coming to see little sister Nora for the first time at the hospital. Brin stayed with McKay's cousin Todd and Debie Pearson in Hillsboro, OR. They were such a huge help!

Brin's first peek at Nora!

Brin's first time holding Nora!

Sadie holding baby Nora.

Jenica holding baby Nora. 

First family photo of 4!

Nora didn't have much hair at birth!

Nora's first car ride home in the caravan!

Grandma Jones came to visit and help out for the first week of Nora's life! Grandma Jones got a dose of Blazers basketball also! Damian Lillard hit the game winning 3 pointer to beat the Rockets and advance to the second round of the playoffs. McKay heard some cheering from Grandma Jones!!

Brin helping change the diaper!

Brin holding Nora like an awesome big sister!

Tuesday, while McKay was taking his Part 1 Dental boards Ashley, Grandma Jones, Brin, and Nora all went to the Portland zoo. Brin checking out the sea lion.

Brin feeding baby Nora!

Some pictures by McKay's (well OHSU's) new school down by the waterfront near downtown Portland. McKay moves to this building in June 2014, halfway through dental school. On the left side of the picture is where McKay will spend most of his time on the 8th floor. 

Took Grandma Jones to the Gorge along the Columbia River. This picture is taken up at the

Stopping by Multnomah Waterfalls! And of course we found some ice cream there!